Todd Veenhuis

Kim's Hope Founder and President

Todd founded Kim’s Hope in November 2021, a few months after he lost his loving wife Kim to glioblastoma. Todd experienced first-hand the traumatic stress of losing a family member to terminal brain cancer. Inspired by Kim’s faith, strength and dedication to others, Todd’s mission is to provide financial relief to similar families who are facing a glioblastoma diagnosis.
Todd Veenhuis Kims Hope Founder and President

Dedicated to All Families in Need

Despite the challenges faced by Todd and his family, he believes in counting his blessings and not taking God’s love for granted. During Kim’s trial with glioblastoma, the Veenhuis family had benefits that eased the stress of continuous medical costs.

Todd knows many families do not have these privileges. The sheer cost of treatment can heavily eclipse an already tragic event. Many families must deal with constant upheaval when facing any kind of cancer. He believes everyone should have the right to focus on patient care without the burden of financial stress.

Kim lived out her faith by helping those around her and allowing God’s love to guide her actions. She was generous in mind and spirit and cared deeply for family and community. Todd carries on her spirit of benevolence with Kim’s Hope, allowing her memory to serve as a guidepost.

Originally hailing from Milwaukee, WI, Todd resides in Oregon with the rest of his family who proudly support him. His step-son Jared and daughter-in law Alaina live in Portland and work as digital marketers. His step-daughter Amanda is finishing her MBA in Salem. Todd is also given affection on a daily basis by the family labradoodle Carly.

In his spare time, Todd loves to walk Carly and spend time with his loving family. He
also enjoys playing golf and attending and watching sporting events.

Building Relationships With Healthcare Professionals Across the United States

Before Kim’s Hope, Todd was an award-winning sales director and manager in the medical equipment industry. Todd worked for over 20 years in sales and sales management for several of the largest medical companies in the world.

He began his journey as a sales representative back in 2000. Over the course of two decades, he worked his way up to Group Director of Sales. His experience spans major companies such as Medtronic, Aesculap, and NuVasive, and he won many accolades that distinguished him as a top performer.

Todd allowed his values of building community and working hard to foster meaningful relationships to steer his career. He networked with professional associations, led multiple trainings with healthcare professionals, and attended local trade shows.

As a result, Todd became known as an honest and dedicated subject-matter expert in his field. He developed both personal and professional relationships with customers and colleagues throughout the United States and views these relationships as one of his greatest accomplishments.

Todd brings his qualities of perseverance, empathy and passion to the mission of Kim’s Hope.

Reach Out to Todd Veenhuis About Kim’s Hope

Todd knows there is nothing more important than being with your loved ones during difficult times. He wants families to have the ability to care for each other and focus on simply being there for one another. With Kim’s Hope, he is dedicated to supporting families by alleviating some of the financial burdens. If you’re interested in learning more about Kim’s Hope or taking the next steps, reach out to Todd at 503-577-3366 or contact our dedicated staff today.