Greta Pierce

Kim's Hope Secretary

Greta Pierce is the Secretary of Kim’s Hope and a missionary of empathy and inclusivity. She brings her vast human resources expertise to provide understanding and compassion to families in need of support.

As a board member of Kim’s Hope, Greta focuses on reviewing applications for assistance, helping in planning and coordinating fundraising events, and prayerfully considering the best manner in which to award financial support. Her ultimate goal is to maintain the mission of Kim’s Hope.

Greta Pierce Kim's Hope Secretary

Supporting People for Over 20 Years With Love and Compassion

Greta has always loved people. Raised in Michigan and now living in Oregon, Greta has spent over 20 years working in human resources. She is currently the Senior Human Resources Generalist at the Holland Partner Group, where she helps managers navigate employee relations.

One of her greatest strengths is getting to know others. In her current work, Greta asks plenty of questions to gain a full understanding of a situation. This helps her determine the best course of action to take so that both managers and employees feel supported moving forward.

Greta also loves helping teams and systems evolve and grow. She knows that breaking patterns and finding better solutions is the key to long-term success. Her passion lies in discovering people’s motivations, their pain points, and how to best support them.

Greta’s other great loves include her husband Doug, with whom she celebrates over 25 years of marriage. They recently adopted a beautiful yellow lab named Regi, and enjoy spending time with extended family and being involved at Oak Hills Christian Church. Greta loves to cook and experiment with new dishes and spend time out in nature.

In many ways, Greta has always been guided by love and compassion for others, which is what led her to Kim’s Hope.

Devoted to Kim’s Legacy of Faith and Generosity

Greta is a beloved friend of Kim and Todd. She witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of glioblastoma and the toll it took on the Veenhuis family, including how financially debilitating it can be.

Despite the emotional anguish, Greta also witnessed the faith, strength and resilience of her dear friend Kim. Kim managed to uphold her spirit of love and generosity throughout the diagnosis and treatment.

After Kim’s passing, Greta wanted to honor her friend and help others by being a part of Kim’s Hope. She knew Kim wanted something benevolent and helpful to come out of her disease, and Greta was ready to be involved and help carry on Kim’s legacy.

Greta’s skills of communication, compassion and determination create a safe and accepting environment at Kim’s Hope. Families can safely ask questions, hear trustworthy advice, and feel supported with Greta’s help and guidance.

Greta and Kim Drink wine together

Get in Touch With Greta Pierce About Kim’s Hope

If you or a loved one are facing a glioblastoma diagnosis, Kim’s Hope is here to help. Greta will ask questions and get to know your personal and financial situation without being too invasive. You’ll learn practical next steps while feeling cared about and fully understand how to move forward when it comes to receiving financial aid.

If you’re ready to learn more about Kim’s Hope or other resources, reach out to Greta and the rest of the team at Kim’s Hope at 503-577-3366 today.