Laura Bergerson

Kim's Hope Vice President

Laura Bergerson is the Vice President of Kim’s Hope and a champion strategist. She brings her extensive history of project management to the organization, as well as her dedicated people skills.

Laura helps ensure all of our organization’s activities stay centered around the mission of helping people in need. With the Kim’s Hope team, she reviews applications for assistance and evaluates where aid is best appropriated. Laura also assists with fundraising and sponsorship opportunities and helps organize and plan events to ensure they’re successful.

Laura Bergerson Kims Hope Vice President

Here to Support Those in Need

Laura is a master of strategy and communication and has helped people solve problems for over 30 years. Raised in Portland, OR, Laura began as an analyst at Mercer Health and Benefits LLC after completing her college education. She assisted clients with their benefits programs and built strong relationships between partners and clients.

Laura developed her ability to see all angles of a problem and strategize solutions. In her current role as a Principal at Mercer Health and Benefits LLC, she does everything from educating on health trends to designing successful health plan strategies.

Laura is a cornerstone of Kim’s Hope. Her grounded abilities help to foster creative strategies that will move forward and help as many families as possible. Her focus on relationships cultivates an environment of empathy for struggling families who are seeking support.

Kim’s Hope is dedicated to helping families from all walks of life. Laura’s professional history has allowed her to work with a large and diverse network of people from all types of industries. She takes great joy in helping others from various backgrounds and is devoted to the mission of Kim’s Hope.

In her spare time, Laura enjoys spending time with her husband, her adult son and daughter, and their family dog. She is a fan of nature and loves camping, hiking and gardening. She has also been an active volunteer at River of Life Lutheran Church since 2000.

A Happy Accident: From College to Kim’s Hope

If you had told Laura back in college she would become an expert strategist, she never would have believed you. She went to Western Oregon University and originally double majored in social sciences and secondary education, intending to be a teacher.

Laura’s summer job with Mercer during college gave her the opportunity to develop problem-solving skills and revealed an affinity for building relationships. Instead of going into her planned field, Laura stayed at Mercer and excelled in analysis and project management. It was while working at Mercer that Laura met Kim and their long friendship began.

Laura has experienced firsthand the challenge of finding appropriate and affordable healthcare coverage which many families face. Her vast professional experience has helped employers develop benefits plans that fit the needs of their businesses and their employees.

Kim and Laura pose together - smiling at the camera.

Laura Bergerson Is Here to Help You and Your Family

When it comes to communicating details and offering compassionate guidance, Laura is the go-to person at Kim’s Hope. She is a trusted advisor and is able to plan and strategize every step forward. Her clear communication and grounded approach give each person a sense of stability even in the most chaotic and challenging times.

If you’re interested in learning more about Kim’s Hope or taking the next steps, reach out to Laura and the rest of the team at Kim’s Hope at 503-577-3366 today.